The World’s First Fidget Controller Gadget

Unprecedented Bluetooth-powered fidget gadget, allowing fidgeters to level up at work and play!

Masta Box

  • Fidgeters of the world unite! Introducing Masta Box, a fidget gadget that will change the way you think about fidget toys forever! Masta Box is an Air Mouse, a Joystick, a Presenter (with Laser Pointer) and a Micro SD card reader.


    Fidget toys are nothing new, and they have served one function well - satisfying the need to fidget. The team at Masta Box wants more - we have re-engineered an ordinary fidget cube and made it a Bluetooth device that is packed with general functions, all in a compact cube.


    Masta Box is compatible with both PC and Mac via Bluetooth 4.2. It works as an universal controller for presentation, browsing the Internet, playing music and video, last but not least - a perfect fidget toy!

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